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​My Soul Art is mostly painted by touch onto canvas paper, boards, or wrapped. Each abstract begins with acrylic paints. Some of the paintings have stencil overlays on top to share a different story. While some, are graced with brushes to offer connections to our natural world! This artwork is so unique that each piece is one of a kind!

The opportunity to co-create a Commissioned piece of HeARTt is welcomed! Specific colors can be requested, and intentions will be set. The artwork remains in abstract form. Suggested co-creative opportunities may include: Life Celebrations, Weddings, Birthdays, Family Gatherings, etc.

In preparation for each piece, Elisa begins the session in quiet time to connect inward to sounds of her stillness. While in this meditative state, the acrylic paint is held by her hand and gently pressed onto the canvas. This experience is very relaxing and calming to the soul. Each viewer will see something different, thus interpreting a message just for their own personal development.   

To purchase, email: 

(Attention Elisa Soul Artist) Including your name, address, and numbered item. S & H fees additional per world location.

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Elisa Soul Artist