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Soul artist, author, REIKI Master-teacher, designer,

sentient Companion

​Elisa A Maggio, at an early age became a world traveler, exploring ancient and indigenous cultures, like Stonehenge, the Acropolis, the Roman Coliseum, and Mesa Verde. Influenced by the storytellers of long ago, Elisa learned to express herself through poetry of the natural world, collage art, and later utilized as an educator of young children with unique learning styles.​

In 2015, Elisa published her first book - :: Sacred Heart :: Soul ART :: . The intention of the book was to share her passion for color, balance, and personal development.  Using the craniosacral touch, Elisa created the original 13 works of Soul ART using her hands.

“Sacred Heart :: Soul A.R.T. renews your energy by awakening your soul and reconnecting to your inner child with transformational ART. It inspires the imagination with a vision that cannot be taught.  It must be personally experienced,” says Elisa A Maggio. Since the book’s release, a patron shared “Elisa, Just love your book!   Your art is so colorful and full of inspired movement!   It's truly a glimpse into your beautiful soul!”

Elisa holds a BS in Early Childhood Education from Springfield College in Massachusetts. During a 24-year career as a Special Education Teacher, Elisa facilitated educational programs for youth with developmental disabilities in a variety of settings in MA, NJ, and NM. With the intention of earning a Masters in Special Education, Elisa completed 30+ graduate credits from summer of 1986 – 1996 from William Patterson University and Kean University.

A 2009 graduate of Health-Choices Institute and Holistic Massage School and continued studies with The Upledger Institute, Elisa focuses on sharing her passion for the body – mind connection through her company Touch The Earth Healing ARTs as a Licensed Massage Therapist, CranioSacral Therapy Practitioner, Reiki Master practitioner, and as a Soul ARTist.

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