This artwork is painted by hand onto paper, boards, or wrapped canvases. Each abstract begins with acrylic paints. Some of the paintings have stencil overlays on top to create a different look. This artwork is so unique that each piece is an original and one of a kind.

     In preparation for each piece, Elisa begins the session in quiet time. While in this meditative state, the acrylic paint is poured onto her hand and gently pressed onto the canvas. This experience is very relaxing, and calming to the soul. Each viewer will see something different, thus interpreting a message just for their own personal development.   Size & Prices of paintings include:

3"x 3"; 5"x 5" - $15 

5"x 7" - $30 (framed)

8"x 10" - $30

12"x 12" - $75 (framed)

16" x 20" - $123

18" x 24" - $162

24" x 30" - $375

To purchase, email:

(Attention Elisa Soul Artist) Including your name, address, and numbered item. Shipping available in the USA, only.

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Elisa Soul Artist