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These images are digitally photographed from "The Original 13" paintings in Chapter One. They are known as "transitions", phrases or words used to connect one idea to the next, though in this case, I used images from the original paintings.

Through the meditative experience, each transition was paired with free verse illuminating a holographic image found on each painted landscape. The size of each transition might surprise you! Similar to the visual games from children's magazines - the viewer must locate the transition in the larger painting to understand its meaning. Each viewer will see something different, thus interpreting a message just for their own personal development.

As you have noticed, the colors are vivid and brilliant! During the printing process, the color tones may differ slightly in the book. To view The Original 13, return to Chapter 1 and watch the slide-show. 

Prints of the original 13 soul art collection are available in sets of 13. Also blank greeting cards with the impressions from chapter 2 are available as a set of 10! Visit our etsy store at www.elisasoulartist.gallery

Thank you!