Art and writing have always been a large part of my self-expression. From a very young age, I have explored the language of nature with an open heart. For example, the rainbow was my constant companion. I collected rainbows on greeting cards, in photographs, painted one on the ceiling of my childhood closet, and made arts and crafts with the heavenly spectrum. The amazing mixture of light and water in the sky always brought profound healing to my soul.

In 2005, I participated in a women’s workshop where we meditated and painted. I enjoyed the process so much; I continued with individual classes to create 13 original works of abstract art with my open hands, not a paintbrush.

In the spring of 2015, with the encouragement from friends, the book was cataloged with the Library of Congress and all the contents are now copyright protected. 

The significance of the number 13 is very unique. Some people believe it to be unlucky. Yet, for me it has been part of a journey of sacred medicine. The paintings are divided into 4 universal archetypes: self worth, the wounded child, innocence, & adversity.​

In my youth, many teachers (parents, siblings, and friends) were tremendous mentors throughout my life. The book is dedicated to them.