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Elisa A Maggio ~ Soul  Artist & Author 


our award-winning book​​

:: sacred heart :: soul art ::

~ a nonfiction work of art, an opportunity to explore the vitality of the soul using art and free verse.  Meditation initiated this personal journey towards self-discovery and healing. From this experience, thirteen abstract paintings emerged from the universal energy field. Without a brush, Elisa using the craniosacral touch, created each painted canvas using her open hands. ​($19.95)


2016 New Apple Literary Services for Independent Authors
Solo "Medalist Winner" in the New Age / Mind-Body-Spirit category

New Apple Annual Book Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing

:: Sacred Heart :: Soul Art :: is a collection of Ms. Maggio's first abstract works, thirteen in all. Elisa Maggio is an Artist and a Massage Therapist. She uses an interesting technique: part meditation and part hand play in her abstract paintings. In the book, she complements each painting with passages about feelings of her past and present life. The kind of technique she is teaching is innovative and liberating. Adults will feel like kids again when painting, but this time their finished work could be framed and hung in the best place of their home for everybody to admire. This book is Ms. Maggio’s first work (self-published) and she has done a good job with the color spectrum. The reproductions are bright and the quality of paper is good as well.

~ Steven Brehm, 32nd Avenue Books Toys & Gifts, Denver CO

" I have known Elisa Maggio for 25 years.   She is my sister-in-law now that the law allows same sex marriage for the first 20 years she was my friend's sister.  She continues to amaze me as she travels on her journey of healing.  As a teacher, body worker, and healing artist she has practiced many modalities of getting herself and then bringing others to higher levels of presence.  

From creating rain-forests with her challenged students in the nineties, Hillside, NJ; to now doing workshops making soulful art with clients.  Her new book,  'Sacred Hear::Soul ART' is a generous contribution to this ongoing shared journey.  The paintings represented in this book are feelings made visible.   That's why we make ART."  

~ Tony LaSalle, Artist - LaSalle Gallery, Asbury Park, NJ​